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In sculpture, as with any other form of art, what makes a difference is the thought process. If you take this into consideration both classical and modern sculpture have their limits, whereas symbolic sculpture can be “spatial”, in that it gives rise to a series of references to other meanings that in turn intensify its field of existence. It is often the case that inspiration for a sculpture is conditioned or rather it is the material or the raw form that you see before you that gives you suggestions. In other cases, however, the creative process comes from a preconceived idea; in this way the artist finds himself looking to work with a block that has already been prepared for that purpose. Sculpture, though, is much more than that and requires certain other qualities, such as the physical strength and the ability to spontaneously see the work in three dimensions. Dolcini relies on inspiration as well as the various subject matters that are close to his heart for his sculptures in all their differing forms.
The Rock-Climber
Dolcinian Amphora
The Avatar Jesus Christ
Indian Chief
Dante Alighieri
Flower of Temptation
My Seal
The King of the Earth
Man Burns in his Lies
Lion (Sphinx)
Our Lady of the Chestnut
Our Lady of the Snow
Nativity of Jesus
Black Bear
The Holy Grail
Sri Narayana