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The works that Armando Dolcini classifies as “Superficial Art” are pieces that cannot be placed together with his other “Profound” works as they have not been conceived in the same artistic and expressive style; a symbolic and metaphysical style. In this collection there are landscape paintings, still life paintings and portraits of people and animals, all done with varying techniques. The thing that separates these works from the works in his “Profound” collection is not the technique being used but the language and message being portrayed.
Wave Against Rock
Gothic Cloister
African Elephant in the Savanna
Between dream and desire
Cat at window
The smile of nature
esus on the Cross
Herman Hesse
The Holy Family
Madonna of the Chair
Still Life with Cat and Landscape
Still life with Vase of Flowers
Maternal Grandfather
Paternal Grandfather
Self-portrait with reviews
Medieval St. Francis Bridge
Reflections in the Wood
Sri Yuketswar
White Tiger
Sunset After the Storm
Vases with Bowl