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In Armando Dolcini’s personal definitions of Superficial and Profound Art, what he describes as Profound Art is a style that can be traced back to a symbolic and metaphysical movement. It is an attempt to describe feelings and particular moments from a spiritualistic and materialistic life, sometimes from his own experiences and sometimes from the environment in which the artist lives. They are very personal artistic expressions in which the artist attempts to “materialize” his rational or irrational thoughts, his own unique interpretation. They are like impulses that emerge both from the form and from the symbolic contents of the work itself.
The motionless soul
The Tree of Life
Anno Domini
Ancient Reminiscences
Dinner with Friends in Costume
I Leave the Scene
The Three Ephemeral Loves
The Drama of life…
Rivers Always Flow Between Two Shores
Genius Does Not Come from Genes
My Seal
The Mark of Cain
The Temple and the Cathedral
The Factory is a Harsh School of Life
The Lioness of Italy
Christ Light
The Hand and the Fist
Unstill Life
Under the sign of the lion
The Throne of God
The Journey