on a note-pad

  • Man is not the director of his life, but an actor playing for a Higher Director.

  • Destiny does not end with the body, but continues until it is completed.

  • True art, however expressed, should reach the heart and awaken the feelings of the soul, or even just surprise it, both in men of surface and men of depth.

  • The most important journey of our life begins inside us.

  • Life is like a book, each day that passes is a page read.

  • Religions are made for souls, not for the spirit.

  • For a love to last forever, it must last a short time.

  • Genius does not come from genes, but from its own nature.

  • In this life even someone that gives you a punch can lend you a hand.

  • Life starts over again every time you survive a sorrow.

  • Everything a man imagines is all that he is.

  • The flower of temptation lasts a lifetime and then dies, but passion and desire without an effort never die.

  • Habit, later, always turns into vice.

  • Same blood doesn't mean same heart.

  • The eye sees, the eye lets see.

  • Ecology and progress, faith and science, are closely related to each other, but man has separated them out of ignorance.

  • A work of art made out of matter serves no other purpose than to secure the thought that created it.

  • Behind a successful man, there is always the work of many people.

  • Behind everyday life yearns the immortal soul.